Meet the team

and the colour Orange

Our motto has always been: Work hard, Make a difference and Have fun.

We gained our experience and knowledge by study, making mistakes, asking for help and just by doing.
A strong believe in our own capabilities, goals and positive attitude towards the future helps as well. 

Joyce Goes loves ice cream, project management and finance. But most of all getting things done.

Marnix Bijl likes Dutch pancakes, organizational changes and to help others to reach their goals.

The Colour Orange?

The colour orange stands for energy, activ, competent, creativ, independent and stimulating. But also for welcoming, wild, succesful, happy, provocations and flexibility. We like to use all these orange qualities during our work. In short you could say we use different angles and perspectives to come up with the best and at the same time simple solution. We even use orange tools, such as shoes to literally make the step forward.

The other reason we choose for orange is Holland or the Netherlands. Both owners were born and raised in this little country by the sea.
Back in April 2009 we moved to the Swedish countryside where we live and work now. New adventures, quality of life, realising a dream and starting a business abroad were the major reasons.

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