To give you an idea about what we do, we give you some examples.
A quick insight into the clients question, our approach and the soultions we found.

Business to business – HR guide for employees
A company selling office furniture, 35 employees, wanted to optimize their information regarding compensation and benefits to their staff. We helped them to write a small HR guide, which contained not only all the C&B info but also the HR policies. The result was a significant decrease of employee questions and more satisfied team members and management. The fun part was doing it together with employees and staff.

Tourism industry – Working with Guest reviews
Over 50-tourism businesses wanted to work more pro-active with guest reviews. They had questions like: “Should we give our guests the opportunity to leave comments online? How do we do that? Do I need to respond? How about really dissatisfied guests/customers and negative reviews?”
We helped the owners and managers by doing an interactive workshop on “Guest Experience Management”. A bit of theory, a general overview of what is going on in the market and a lot of practical information and exercises.
The results were that the majority of the participants started a real conversation with their customers/guests and encouraged them to leave reviews. They understood it is a change to improve quality, to increase involvement of the staff but also also a great opportunity to create more sales.
The fun part was sharing bad experiences and reviews, both as a privaye customer and as professional within their own business. Everybody has at least one bad example. By sharing and laughing about it, the solution is often close by and very simple.

Interim Management – terms of employment and recruitment
A multinational is, after several acquisitions, in need of a new policy for terms of employment and recruitment. This knowledge and experience is present in the company, but because of the complexity the management decides that the company is in need of an independent advisor.
Our consultants are specialized in interim assignments in large international companies and in fast-growing companies where HR processes need to be developed. We have extensive experience in providing advice and support on HR issues in all kind of organizations.
No standard models but tailor made advice, guidance and implementation within the company and its surroundings.