The owl is one of our favourite animals. It reminds us of the importance of listening, observing and act when needed. It is the way we help your business in moving forward. By using the owl as metaphore we stay focussed all the time.

A few highlights about the owl.
The owl is a bird that has great vision and hearing. Owls can adjust in an instant from a telescopic to microscopic focus. The owl’s eyes are especially adapted to detect subtle movements. Contrary to popular belief, the owl can see very well during the daylight. Its hearing is just as keen as its eyesight. The ears are asymmetrical, and one ear is usually larger than the other. The owl can see and hear what others cannot. Like humans, they blink by closing the upper eyelids, giving them a human expression that has added to their mysticism.

The owl is the bird sacred to Athene, goddess of wisdom. As her companion, Owl perched on her shoulder and revealed unseen truths to her. It had the ability to light up her blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth.

The owl serves as the icon for awareness, the first element of heroism.